Experience the full power of the leaf

No coffee shakes, just slow-release energy from natural oolong tea to cope with the challenges of the day.

Unlike traditionally brewed teas, Fencha uses the whole leaf to harness its vitality

Fencha leaves are grown at high altitude on single estates

And stoneground to preserve their powerful properties

Fencha tea is produced in the same way as matcha, but uses a more potent blend of teas and botanicals for the ultimate natural energy boost.

  • Providing the body and mind with a source of energy that does not cause fatigue further down the line and is not harmful to the nervous system.

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What do our customers think?

We did a quick survey with our customers and wanted to share a few of their comments with you.  Thanks a lot for your feedback and encouraging words. We are working hard to make more Fencha as we almost sold out our first batch. Yippie! “Now gave up coffee around a year ago and start […]

Fencha’s love of GABA oolong tea

Previously, we looked at why we’ve included liquorice in our first blend of Fencha. One of its other ingredients is GABA oolong tea, which, on the face of it, seems to be an ingredient you’d expect to find in a tea blend. But while oolong tea has been around for well over a thousand years, […]

Fencha’s love of liquorice

While Fencha stoneground tea contains ingredients such as GABA oolong and ginseng, some people are surprised by the addition of liquorice (more commonly known as licorice in North America). OK, so liquorice can be divisive – most people either love it or hate it. Anyone who has ever visited a Nordic country or the Netherlands […]